We are pleased to invite you to Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2018, held in Berlin, Germany, February 1-2.

The conference will bring together all specialists in auto and truck construction with focus on automotive thermal management technology. The Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2018 will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and emerging innovations; alternative drive, enhancing thermal management for e-cars; innovative thermal management components and materials; CO2 reduction; and next generation, alternative, and environmentally benign refrigerants.


– Upcoming and emerging technologies for Thermal Management

– Market opportunities for thermal products and services

– HVAC and climate control solutions

– Thermal design and modeling solutions

– Optimizing thermal management for e-cars

– High-efficiency climate control systems with a heat and cold storage unit for EV

– Future fluids for EVs’ cooling systems

– R&D in Thermal Management related spaces

– Future trends in high performance materials for Thermal Management modules

– How to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions

– Fluid management novelties for effective powertrain thermal performance

– Next generation, alternative, environmentally benign refrigerants


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Event Producer
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Event Speakers

Dave Staton


Motor Design Ltd

Dr Cedric Rouaud

Global Technical Expert, Thermal Systems

Ricardo UK

Nicolas Francois

Fluid and Thermal Simulation Manager

Valeo Thermal Systems

Noshin Omar

Prof. Dr. Eng.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Philippe GYAN


Groupe Renault

Nilabza Dutta

Technical Specialist, Thermal Energy Management

Jaguar Land Rover

Davide Di Battista


Università degli studi dell Aquila

Mark Hepokoski

Director, Advanced Research

ThermoAnalytics, Inc.

Nick Owen

Chief Technology Officer


Roger Deckers

CEO and Owner


David Bridge

Senior Consultant


Maurice Bellamou

Head of France Thermal Center


Vincent Lemort

Head of Energy Systems Lab

University of Liège

Carloandrea Malvicino

EMEA Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance – Fuel Economy and Green House Gases CO2 Emissions Reduction Strategies

FCA Italy S.p.A

Clemens Gamsjaeger

Head of Thermal Managament

MAGNA Powertrain AG

Osoko Shonda

Thermofluids Team Leader


  • Dave Staton
    Motor Design Ltd
    Dr Staton founded Motor Design Ltd. (MDL) in 1998 with a focus on development of software for electric motor design. MDL develop Motor-CAD software that integrates both electromagnetic and thermal analysis modules to simplify and speed up the design workflow. Dr Staton did his PhD in computer aided design of electric motors at Sheffield University in the mid 1980’s. Since then he has designed electric motors and developed motor design software at Thorn EMI, the SPEED Laboratory at Glasgow University and Control Techniques (part of Emerson Electric).
  • Dr Cedric Rouaud
    Ricardo UK
    Biography: Dr Cedric Rouaud is chief engineer in the Engine Product Group in Ricardo UK, dealing with powertrain research, advanced engineering and development for production. He is also technical expert in thermal management and waste heat recovery for conventional and electrified vehicles. He began his professional career in 2000 in Renault as a research engineer. He has fulfilled his doctorate diploma in the University of Poitiers, France. In 2008 he joined Ricardo as principal engineer in fluid dynamic and simulation department, as thermal management and waste heat recovery experts for powertrain and vehicle. During his career, he has managed and developed many projects among which include: development of technologies for reducing CO2 emissions on gasoline, Diesel engines; thermal management of hybrid and electric vehicles; development of waste heat recovery systems for passenger car, HDD, railway, gensets, CHPs; thermo-hydraulic simulations for sizing cooling and heating systems, reducing fuel consumption, improving EV range, optimisation of energy management; thermal management of twin-turbo charged gasoline and Diesel engines; powertrain (testbed) and vehicle tests (chassis dyno, Climatic Wind Tunnel, hot/cold environment tests).
  • Nicolas Francois
    Valeo Thermal Systems
    Based in FRANCE at La Verrière, Nicolas FRANCOIS is fluid and thermal simulation manager and senior expert at Valeo Thermal Systems which includes 4 product groups Thermal Powertrain, Climate Control, Compressor and Front End Module. With more than 19 years of experience in CFD simulation and automotive thermal system development, he manages a worldwide CFD team who provides support and expertise to the worldwide R&D project teams; develops,deploys and validates simulation standards. He is involved in research activities and funded projects too.
  • Noshin Omar
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Prof. Dr. Noshin Omar obtained his M.S. degree in Electronics and Mechanics from Erasmus University College Brussels. He obtained his PhD in 2012 in the department of Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology ETEC, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. He is the Director of the Battery Innovation Center of VUB. Currently he is coordinating several national and European projects in the field of characterization, electrical, thermal, electrochemical and lifetime modelling of various rechargeable energy storage systems. He was and is still active in various European projects such as SUPERLIB, BATTERIES2020, FIVEVB, ORCA, ASSURED, GHOST, OBELICS, IMAGE. He is authors of more than 140 scientific publications. His research interests include characterization, modeling (electrical, thermal, ageing) and system development of electrical double-layer capacitors and batteries in BEV’s, PHEV’s, HEV’s and stationary applications. He is also active in several international standardization committees such as ISO/TC 22/SC 37.
  • Philippe GYAN
    Groupe Renault
    Philippe GYAN He graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon with a Master of Science in 1998, and with a Ph.D in 2003, in Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Thermal Management. He worked then at Renault Mechanical Department, on the deployment of calculation tools for vehicle performances and fuel economy. Since 2008, he has been working in the Research Department at Renault, on power train sizing for Electric Vehicles, on battery electrical, thermal, and ageing modeling. He has been involved in several French national and European collaborative projects SIMSTOCK, SIMCAL, MOBICUS, and MAT4BAT, on battery ageing modeling, with several publications.
  • Nilabza Dutta
    Jaguar Land Rover
    Nilabza Dutta is currently the Technical Specialist for Thermal Energy Management at Jaguar Land Rover. He has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Automotive Engineering. He is also an IMechE Chartered Engineer as well as APMP qualified. Prior to Jaguar Land Rover he has worked for Ricardo plc, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and Hero Honda Motorcycles Ltd. Very recently he has taken the lead of a new vehicle function team within Thermal and Aerodynamics Systems Engineering group to develop the vehicle level thermal energy management functions of JLR vehicles.
  • Davide Di Battista
    Università degli studi dell Aquila
    Davide Di Battista graduated as Mechanical Engineering in 2010 (Italy) with honors. He took his PhD in March, 2014 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management of the University of L’Aquila with a work on waste heat recovery from ICE via thermodynamic cycles. He works on engine thermal management, turbocharging, hybrid and electric vehicles and energy recovery, contributing both in theoretical and experimental activities. He is also involved in several technical projects (European projects, national projects and manufactures collaborations). At the moment, he is a researcher in the sector of Thermal Machines and Energy Systems in the same University of L’Aquila and he has published about 30 scientific papers.
  • Mark Hepokoski
    ThermoAnalytics, Inc.
    Dr. Hepokoski is the Director of Advanced Research at ThermoAnalytics. He has developed a wide array of heat transfer modeling algorithms that have been integrated into the TAITherm family of commercial heat transfer CAE tools. Dr. Hepokoski’s research is heavily focused on the development of techniques for coupling simulation tools with physical measurement devices. During his tenure as a Principal Investigator of human thermo-physiology and thermal comfort projects, he has accumulated over 15 years of experience developing a complex thermal model of the human body that is widely used in the automotive industry for developing comfort-focused climate control technology. Dr. Hepokoski received his B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics, with a minor in Mathematics, from Virginia Tech. He also holds an M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics from Michigan Technological University.Dr. Hepokoski is the Director of Advanced Research at ThermoAnalytics.
  • Nick Owen
    Nick leads Dearman’s engineering team, advancing the technology and manufacturing readiness of the engine, implementing it in diverse applications, and growing the company’s technical capability and intellectual property base. Before joining Dearman, he led the energy consultancy E4tech’s low carbon vehicle activities, and prior to this spent 20 years working for Ricardo, latterly as Project Director, Research and Collaboration. Here he was responsible for an extensive portfolio of collaborative research embracing internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric vehicles, hydrogen and fuel cells, and traffic management for carbon efficiency.
  • Roger Deckers
    Biography: Background- master degree in mechanical engineering (1979-RWTH Aachen). Held several senior management positions in passenger car powertrain industry (OEM’s: BMW, Volvo, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault, Tiers: Siemens VDO/Continental, ESP: FEV) characterized by highly complex projects, organisation and partnerships in an international challenging environment (1979-2013). Independent Consultancy @ DECKERS MOBILITY CONSULTING (2013-), containing technology trend watching and /analysis, project advise and interim project management, organisation and business development assistance within international automotive and energy industry and governmental programs, engineering and suppliers\' domains, oil industry, automotive associations focussing on powertrain.
  • David Bridge
    Biography: Graduated in 1983 with a BSc honours degree in Physics from University of Warwick and in 1986 from the same university with a PhD in Physics. Worked for 5 years in the area of advanced ceramics engineering before joining Federal-Mogul, an American automotive parts supplier. Here he was a Technical Specialist supporting their worldwide vehicle heat management and component protection businesses. In 2001 he became UK Engineering Manager for the Engine Sealing division. He joined MIRA in 2002 and is a Senior Consultant in the Fluids Engineering Department. His focus is on whole vehicle heat management and occupant thermal comfort using 3D modelling techniques. He is also experienced in vehicle development and testing, both in the lab, climatic wind tunnel and in the field. More recently he has worked in the area on battery thermal management, supporting internal and external customers in developing vehicle battery packs.
  • Maurice Bellamou
    Graduated in Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France) and Université Claude Bernard (France) as System Engineer specialized in Automatic systems - A long experience in High tech system design in 3 large companies : 1- Saint-Gobain Group – France / Plastic Injection Machines Introduction of new technologies to optimize the design and the process of the injection machines: CAD/CAM, FEM, Prototypes, Automatisation, Embedded systems, Diagnostic for Mechanical, Electronic and Hydraulic branches. 2- PSA-Peugeot-Citroën - France (Important Car maker) - IT Manager and Electronic/Software process engineering - Vehicle & Engine Thermal (Customer comfort, system and components design) with national and international responsibility. 3- Denso – France/ Italy/ Japan (main OEM for automotive) Head of Denso Thermal in France and support of South Europe customers in transportation (Automotive, Bus, Truck, Tractors, Airplane, …)
  • Vincent Lemort
    University of Liège
    Vincent Lemort obtained his PhD in 2008 from the University of Liège (ULg). He has been a visiting scholar in Purdue University (USA) and in the Ecole des Mines of Paris. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Thermodynamics Laboratory of ULg and he is leading the Energy Systems Research Group. His research and teaching activities deal with the modeling, the testing and the optimization of energy systems and more especially displacement machines, small-scale Rankine cycle systems, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. He has published more than 150 journal and conference papers on these topics. He has a strong background in working in collaboration with Automotive Industry but also in the frame of international research projects (among which IEA and FP7 projects).
  • Carloandrea Malvicino
    FCA Italy S.p.A
    Biography: Carloandrea Malvicino, graduated in Physics at the Turin University, after having spent 23 years at \\\"Centro Ricerche Fiat\\\" on thermal system innovation and technologies to improve the efficiency of automotive systems is now leading the CO2 emissions reduction strategies department in FCA Italy S.pA. Carloandrea is a member of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Technical Options Committee (RTOC) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and author of several international patents papers in the domain of thermal systems and fuel consumption and CO2 emission reduction.
  • Clemens Gamsjaeger
    MAGNA Powertrain AG
    Biography: - 1995 – 1999: Higher technical college - Electronics and Power Electronics - 2000 – 2007: Johannes-Kepler University Linz (Austria) – Mechatronics – Master thesis in the field of mechanical engineering of solid and fluid bodies – Heat transfer and fluid mechanics (degree: Dipl.-Ing. (like MSc)) - 2007 – 2009: Engineer in the predevelopment department at WP Radiator, a company of KTM Motorsport AG - 2009 – 2011: R&D Manager at WP Radiator, a company of KTM Motorsport AG - 2011 – 2017: Head of Thermal Management at Engineering Center Steyr, a company of MAGNA Powertrain - 2016 – 2017: Californian Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks (USA) – International Business, degree: MBA - Since 2017: Senior Manager – Vehicle Systems, Fluid, Pressure & Controls Group, MAGNA Powertrain
  • Osoko Shonda
    Dr Osoko Shonda graduated in 2006 from both ESSTIN (France) with a MEng majoring in Thermofluids and also from the University Nancy 1 (France) with a MSc in Fluids Dynamics. Then, he joined Renault as a Research Engineer in Thermal and Energy Management. In 2009, after completion of his PhD in Thermodynamics and Energy Management at INSA de Lyon (France), he became Project Technical Lead for innovative Thermal Management systems applied to BEVs and PHEVs. In 2014, he joined HORIBA MIRA (UK) as a Thermodynamics Specialist. Since 2016, he has been working as the Team Leader for Thermofluids Engineering.
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