We are pleased to invite you to Executive Assistant European Conference 2018 that will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 19-20 April 2018.

The conference will bring together many specialists all around the world to share experience in Executive and Personal Assistant future challenges, achieving the success and developing more proactive approaches.

You will share experience and Build a successful and valuable PA&EA brand. It will be the best opportunity for networking and learning. The conference will bring together senior management representatives from the different industries.

Key Points:

  • Emotional intelligence and social awareness
  • The art of the communication
  • Transforming business benefits to the organization and admins
  • Evaluation of the role of EA
  • EA network
  • How to accelerate your career
  • Dealing with the modern corporate life
  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Understanding the fundaments of the time
  • The future of EA

Who should attend: Senior research fellows and professors, Scientific researchers, Medical marketing representatives, Inhalation and respiratory drug device engineering technologists, Inhalation product developers, Inhalation engineers, Inhalation therapists, Inhaler technic trainers, Drug delivery specialists, Drug delivery innovation respiratory pharmacologists, Drug delivery representatives, Respiratory regulation representatives, Respiratory therapists, Pulmonary disease mattered dose inhaler developers, Pulmonologists, Asthma and allergy specialists, Lungs and airway disorder specialists, Allergist/Immunologists, Respiratory associates, Advisory board members, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers and Department heads specialists.

Industries:  Finance, Retail, Advertising, Technology, Transport, Construction, Sales, Insurance, Bank, Pharmaceutical Industry, Education, Trade, Marketing, health Care, Research, Telecommunications, Airlines, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Automotive, etc.


To discuss the attendee opportunities or register for the event please contact:
Teo Davitashvili
Conference producer
Tel.: +420 226 633 309
E-mail address: teo.davitashvili@bcfgroup.eu


Event Speakers

Tracy Jaggi


Philip Morris International

Akvile Gasiliauskaite

Executive Assistant


Sara Barsocchi

EA/Business Assistant to CEO

Plastic Energy Limited

Alice Watts

EA/Project Co-Ordinator

Thomson Reuters

Heather Baker

International PA / Administration consultant & TAP

Baker Thompson Associates

Jack Makoszewski

Executive Assistant to GBS Sweden Country Manager Senior Consultant


Ana Gómez Casillas

VT sales executive Assistant

Volvo Group

Diana Wittig

Executive Assistant

Ernst & Young

Yvonne van Schaik

Executive Assistant


Samia Bouheraoua

Executive Assistant


Dasima Gaskes

Executive Assistant to the VP Europe Category Merchandising


Sanda Salma

Partner sales executive


Serena Mujtaba

Executive Assistant to Bertrand Poupart-Lafarge

AXA UK & Ireland

Laura Beadle

Executive Assistant


  • Tracy Jaggi
    Philip Morris International
    With a degree in Communications from Simmons College in Boston, MA, USA and more than 20 years of international experience in the retail, education and real estate industries, Tracy has a proven track record of senior-level executive support, management, and training. Tracy\\\'s philosophy centers around what role she can play in helping others find solutions. She is committed to excellence in service. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and foster professional relationships within organizations. Tracy is an ambitious, outgoing individual who seeks extensive adventure in everything! Working toward achievement, she is open-arms to opportunities that will broaden her horizon. As a team player, eager to learn, self-motivated and personable, Tracy\\\'s passion is to contribute, support, and make a difference.
  • Akvile Gasiliauskaite
    Akvile Gasiliauskaite is from Vilnius, Lithuania where she studied Business Management and Administration at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and proceeded to work in various business supporting roles across international Pharma, Consumer Electronics, Consulting and E-commerce companies for 10+ years. Passionate about exploring new cultures and broadening her experience, she has moved to live and work in London, UK for a couple of years and recently has relocated to Luxembourg and joined Amazon as an Executive Assistant. With a strong believe in continuous self-improvement and the power of emotional intelligence, she strives to empower the people she supports by always searching for new pathways, communication channels and corners to cut.
  • Sara Barsocchi
    Plastic Energy Limited
    Sara Barsocchi is a Senior Executive/Business Assistant coming from a diverse background including Arts, Sales & Marketing, Project Management and Business Development. Currently based in London, Sara has worked internationally, including a year in Barcelona. Sara held the EA position to the Chairman of Mediobanca London and at present, she is the Executive Assistant of CEO and Founder of Plastic Energy Limited, a newly formed Anglo-Spanish company with a viable and proven solution to the global problem of plastic waste pollution. She is a Fellow Member of the Executive&Personal Assistant Association (EPAA), and a member of BEA (Business Executive Academy)
  • Alice Watts
    Thomson Reuters
    Alice Watts is currently an Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President of the Platform Group within Thomson Reuters Technology, in London. The team provides the technology foundation that enables enterprise to grow revenue, reduce costs and better support their customers. Prior to Thomson Reuters, Alice was a Personal Assistant at Lloyds Banking Group where she worked within the Retail, Group IT and Commercial Banking divisions, supporting various directors and business units.
  • Heather Baker
    Baker Thompson Associates
    Following over 20 years as a secretary and then PA herself, Heather established Baker Thompson Associates in 2000 to specialize in the training of Office Professionals of all levels. She now travels around the world to great acclaim enabling PAs, EAs and administrators to excel for their career development and their organizations’ success. Her training style ensures effective learning and relevance to delegates’ personal situations. Heather is the author of 4 Amazon top ten selling administrative books and the creator of the BakerWrite speedwriting system. She is proud to be a Prince’s Trust business mentor and a supporter of Isipho Admin in South Africa.
  • Jack Makoszewski
    Jack Makoszewski is the Executive Assistant to the IBM GBS (consultancy) Sweden Country Manager Per-Magnus Andersson. With a professional background from the Swedish Armed Forces and having held varied roles at IBM including SAP tester, various project management roles, and Employer Branding Leader, the EA role never seemed a natural next step on Jack\'s career path. Nevertheless, Jack chose to accept the EA position when offered that role nearly 18 months ago. With a deeply ingrained “can-do” mindset, “outside-the-box” approach and high level of selflessness, Jack has received wide acclaim as a superb EA.
  • Ana Gómez Casillas
    Volvo Group
    Ana Gómez never intended to set out become an Executive Assistant. BA in Media Communications and former producer, soon she realizes that what attracts her most from her job is the sense and notion of being an apparently minor element, but a key tool for managers to achieve objectives by optimizing the rhythm of business & project performance; starting in fact her career as management support unwittingly. In 2015, after several years working in digital animation and interactive fields and avid of new professional challenges, she decides to make a leap in her career by accepting a position as executive assistant in a Fortune 100 IT Multinational Company. Since then, she has been working successfully for C-Level Executives within global corporations such as Volvo Group, where she currently works as Volvo Trucks Sales Executive Assistant. Constantly learning, Ana holds a MA in Digital Interactive Technologies, MA in Executive Production, MA Marketing Management and Sales Direction, and several specializations courses in Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Modern Marketing.
  • Diana Wittig
    Ernst & Young
    Diana Wittig graduated 2006 in business economics from the technical college in Brandenburg, Germany. Her career as executive Assistant started as Team assistant for a recruitment company. In this position she earned the internal Star Search Award in April 2008 for the best Assistant of Central Europe. Later she was given the promotion as Administrative coordinator and had the lead for 3 other Assistants and organized the whole office administration. 2010 she moved to Ernst & Young and became an Executive assistant. In the meanwhile, she earned more than 10 years’ experience in supporting Executives and Teams in their daily business. Since 2013 she is Member of IMA Switzerland where she acted as Marketing manager for 2 years.
  • Yvonne van Schaik
    Yvonne van Schaik is a mother, a coach, a mentor and game changer. Being active in nature, spotting great views and a deep interest for getting to know people who they really are, makes her heart tick. Business wise, Yvonne is actively involved with Oracle Women Leadership Program, motivating women to do the extra mile in achieving what is making their heart tick. On top of her role at Oracle Yvonne is an independent professional coach in business environments, creating the desired change that a coach is aiming for in his or her career. Currently, Yvonne van Schaik is Executive Assistant at Oracle. She joined Oracle in 1998 working closely with the Dutch Managing Director, followed by several International Management Supporting roles and leading events involving Oracle\'s top notch customers. Prior to her position at the Oracle, she operated several international management support positions at a.o. SONY and Mercedes Benz. Yvonne: \"I always use my intuition and presence while I am actively sitting at the table, sharing my opinion. Being confident that I am a crucial part of a management team that builds success, I can influence results by making the right decisions. Having the right priorities and knowing how and when to act, with whom to engage, makes that I can manage every situation, even the most critical ones. I am thankful for my flair, empathy and humor to create the right atmosphere and belief in getting people engaged with me\".
  • Samia Bouheraoua
    A professional and committed individual, with a track record of supporting Senior Executives in multiple prestigious multinational organizations such as SAP, Sony, Givenchy, Nespresso, and Toshiba. An excellent communicator and organizer who is able to meet deadlines and achieve targets of organizational goals in a pressurized environment. A confident and energetic team leader and player, who is adept at working with culturally diverse teams
  • Dasima Gaskes
    I’ve studied Fashion Management, PR&Communications and Fashion Styling in The Netherlands. After working in fashion and working as a consultant for PA’s and EA’s at a recruitment company, I decided to start working as an EA myself for an international dredging and marine (offshore) company. Now 10 years ago and several international companies and experience later. For the last 4 years I’ve been working as an EA for sporting brand Nike. I get passionate about managing projects, exploring the world and getting to know new people. I am a strong believer in team effort: make each other look good. And development for myself and for a team. I always try to make the team stronger to build a stronger community. Life motto: be thankful, respectful, be the best version of yourself and never take life too seriously.
  • Sanda Salma
    Sanda Salma has worked in various industries, such as, logistics, finance and healthcare, covering mainly sales & marketing positions. She holds Salford University MBA as well as degree in psychological consulting. Last 10 years Sanda has spent in IT, developing small and medium business and partner channel in Baltic region. In her daily work Sanda has no personal assistant, she works in Microsoft flexible workstyle mode, and she arranges daily agenda, every detail as well as a bigger picture herself. Passionate about life and looking for silver lining in anything that happens.
  • Serena Mujtaba
    AXA UK & Ireland
    Serena Mujtaba is the Executive Assistant to the Group Chief Financial Officer of AXA UK & Ireland, and has been in role for 18 months. Her responsibilities are centered around supporting the CFO his day to day activity in order to optimize his efficiency and in supporting the business in delivering bespoke projects in support of their 2020 strategy. Prior to assuming her role, Serena joined AXA as a Graduate on their Business Leaders Graduate Program where she spent 2 years in the AXA Wealth business. Serena attended IE Business School in Madrid, achieving a Bachelor in Business Administration in 2014. Prior to this, Serena spent her early years growing up in Kuwait and Bahrain.
  • Laura Beadle
    Laura has been working as an Executive Assistant in the Financial Services sector for more than 10 years. She currently works at Barclays for the MD of Omni Channel Engagement & Commercialization and has also held positions supporting Directors in both the Marketing and Private Banking sectors. Laura regards her role as a position of privilege and pressure and enjoys both aspects in equal measure taking satisfaction from knowing that the end result makes a tangible difference to overall business objective. In 2010, Laura graduated with BSc in Complementary Therapies, specifically Nutritional Health. It will therefore come as no surprise that her interests outside her role as an Executive Assistant sit firmly in the Nutrition camp. Indeed, during her time living in Qatar with her family, she worked as a Nutritionist for a highly regarded chain of Nursery schools across the capital, Doha.
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