– Innovations in the HR approach and its importance in the Boardroom
– Strategies and trends influenced by the global changes
– Issues at the workplace that slow down the performance and how to deal with them
– Best practices in choosing the most suitable HR approach to achieve the greatest impact
– Digitalization in HRM to decrease costs and increase efficiency
– Millennials and dealing with the generation mix in the company


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Event Speakers
VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement
Diversity and Sourcing Lead
Intel Technology Poland
President and Executive Trainer & Consultant
Hara Risorse Umane
Global Director for Operations
Employee Mobility Solutions
Founder & Chief Engagement Officer
GAIA Insights
HR leader partnering with business to face ubiquitous transformation
  • Adam Smiley Poswolsky
    Millennial workplace expert and Author
    Adam Smiley Poswolsky is a millennial workplace expert, internationally renowned keynote speaker, and bestselling author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough: Invent Your Own Path, Find Meaningful Work, and Build a Life That Matters (Penguin Random House, 2016). Smiley helps companies attract, retain, and empower millennial talent, and heʼs inspired thousands of professionals to be more engaged at work, through speaking at companies like Unilever, IDEO, Salesforce, Deloitte, SAP, and TEDx, and by collaborating with organizations like the Hive Global Leaders Program, the Bold Academy, the StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation, Camp Grounded, The Passion Co., Esalen, and General Assembly. His writing has been published in The Washington Post, Fast Company, Time, Business Insider, and GOOD, and his work has been featured in Mashable, Forbes, VICE, CNBC, MarketWatch, and the World Economic Forum, among others.
  • Alberto Platz
    I have been working for Swarovski for over 30 years; the first eleven years based in Barcelona selling our crystal components in the B2B area, managing the Spanish and Portuguese Markets and the last thirteen years for the Gemstones Business holding several positions as Sales Director in the European and Middle Eastern Territories. For that role I lived approx. 2 years in Austria and 3 years in Switzerland. In 2012 I joined the Corporate HR team as the Global Director of Engagement and in addition in 2015 I took over the internal and external HR communication, the talent acquisition and inclusion & diversity topics from a global strategic perspective. I continue being part of the Spirit Momentum Team that has as main objective to anchor our Swarovski Spirit values throughout our entire organization. I tell you something ”Iʹm definitely proud to be Swarovski”.
  • Andre de Wit
    Leadership Academy Amsterdam
    Andre de Wit is a motivational and experienced speaker, regarded for the combination of global successful operational leadership experience and strategic Human Resource experience in leading international companies. On the speaker’s platform, he is engaging and passionate. His blend of power and warmth, as well as knowledge and instinct, translates into messages that are informative, entertaining, and practical. Because of his wide experience as facilitator and speaker he is able to build quickly interactivity with the audience. Andre until recently served as Vice President Learning and Capability Building for the Carlsberg-group, an internationally Beer-brewing company with 45.000 employees and factories in 40 countries mainly in North-, Western- & Eastern Europe and Asia. Carlsberg, which has his home base in Copenhagen Denmark, is currently the 3rd biggest beer-brewing company in the world. The topics Andre speaks about in conferences are the relationship between the changing the world (10 to 20 years perspective) and the demands this will have on future Leadership. He will share within his area of expertise the ways these future demands on Leadership can be included in a Leadership Development Strategy. The latest practical example is the “Learning Leaders Program” that he developed and implemented for the Carlsberg-group.
  • Aleksandra Dragan
    Intel Technology Poland
    Aleksandra is an HR professional with over 10 years of professional experience. She started her career in Australia, working with various executive level recruitment agencies. Upon returning to Europe she moved in-house, working for TomTom HQ talent acquisition, and then Intel EMEA team. Her professional interests are set around diversity, candidate experience and creative use of social media in driving candidate engagement.
  • Antonio Messina
    Hara Risorse Umane
    Twenty-three years of solid experience in HR in both national and international companies, presiding over Human Resources Management in Italy (Sara Lee, ePlanet), in European territories (CSC, Accenture) and on a global level (Gewiss). He has gained innovative experience in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Consultancy, Outsourcing, Automobiles and Electrics. Since 2012 he is founder, President and Executive Trainer & Consultant in Hara Risorse Umane, an Italian HR Consulting firm. “My passion is to impart a wealth of knowledge and experience, acquired through working with people and presiding over HR Departments, and to condense it into training activities, advices and tools that go right to heart of what is necessary to do, know and be”.
  • Virginie Scuvée
    Human Revealator
    After a career as Head Hunter, where she has selected, screened and accompanied Leaders, Top Managers and Board Members, Virginie has oriented her career towards Coaching and Training. Founder of Kumquat S. à r.l. and Co-Founder of Human Revealator, General Secretary of ICF Luxembourg, she is offering a comprehensive tailor-made global service, covering coaching, career management, Leadership development, training / workshops. By gaining a better self-awareness and by the development of emotional skills, her approach allows people she supports to find their place and to empower. By acquiring a better awareness of their identity and their operation, her approach enables companies to get a global vision of them: System, values, functioning, tools, and human capital. Her intervention therefore allows companies to put the right people in the right place fostering the full development of their potential, and individuals to find the place that suits them, fostering their full development, commitment and performance.
  • Jorge Ramirez
    Employee Mobility Solutions
    Jorge Ramirez is the Global Director for Operations at Employee Mobility Solutions (EMS), based in Madrid, Spain and responsible for driving the company’s strategic vision on client services at a high customer service level.  He has over 17 years of experience in the Global Mobility industry both establishing and pursuing corporate principles and processes and helping corporate clients pursue their mobility support for their workforce.  He has worked for other industry leaders like Cartus, Brookfield GRS and Emigra Worldwide, as well as companies like Procter & Gamble, IBM and Mitel.  His first-hand experience spans several geographies, having lived in San Jose, Cincinnati, Copenhagen, London and Madrid, among others and having led teams and services across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. As a graduate in Political Sciences, his interests are driven by an active understanding the mobility of the global workforce in a changing world and social and political forces that impact his clients.
  • Marie-Marthe Joly
    Expression Coaching
    Since 2003, Marie-Marthe Joly has been coaching executives to manage their personal brand based on their unique added value, helping them gain visibility and attractiveness for companies into which they would fit. In 2009, she brought her social media knowledge into HR to develop social recruitment strategies, advocating for digital tools such as LinkedIn, followed by Glassdoor, Work4 and IBM Watson, to help companies attract and recruit the right talents. She has also been working on employee experience as an element of employer branding and company competitiveness. She is currently engaged in the organization of #truGeneva, an ”unconference” on social recruitment and HR marketing. Considering companiesʹ constantly evolving needs and issues with talent availability on the one hand, and potential candidatesʹ aspirations on the other, she is currently working on a startup based on technology to provide specific talents to companies on demand, and qualified, engaging opportunities to available talents. She is convinced that smart use of technology can both optimize companiesʹ Human Resources supply and talentsʹ experience throughout their career.
  • Michiel van Eunen
    Performance Solutions
    <p>Drawing on experience in education, e-learning, theatre, retail, training, startups, event industry & game industry, I found that this one thing thrilled me the most: designing purposeful fun.</p><p>When we play, we are pushing to be the best version of ourselves. Working should be more like playing.</p><p>My power lies in doing just that: using all the powerful elements found in games and use them in organizations to make working more fun, challenging & meaningful. (Which - by the way - often leads to great results). This is what I do:</p><p>I make games. (company games, business games, team games, training games, kick-offs & ARG’s)</p><p>I talk, inspire & advise about gamification. (at conferences, workshops & strategic sessions with companies).</p><p>I help companies enhance innovation and business performance using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method</p><p>* Gamification Designer at Performance Solutions<br> * Gamfed International Gamification Federation Steering Committee Member<br> * Engagement Alliance Gamification Expert<br> * Public Speaker at Gamification World Congres<br> * Ambassador for Mission Start - Platform for Gamification & Game Based Learning<br> * Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method</p>
  • An Coppens
    Gamification Nation Ltd
    An Coppens is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, which offers gamification design solutions and an employee & learner engagement mastermind community. She set up Gamification Nation Ltd in London and works with clients worldwide on achieving their result through encouraging winning behaviours. Her most recent book “Tapping into the crowd – creating competitive advantage from the inside out” focuses on creating employee engagement and is considered a must read for managers. (available from Amazon ) She was recognised as a HR Tech Visionary in 2016 and is an award winning business coach, L&D professional, author and blogger. You can find her blog and start following her on Twitter @GamificationNat. She is a member of the international e-learning think tank ‘The Company of Thought’
  • Simone Sgueo
    Italian Red Cross Italian
    Graduate of Science of communication and Sociology of Human Resources, both at “La Sapienza” university, in Rome. Then in 2013 i undertook an MBA in “Hr Management with specific focus on Labour Rights&Laws, Contentious Jurisdiction and Labour Relations ”. I have over 15 yeas experience in national and international business environment. In the last 10 years i worked for Philip Morris Int. As HR Analyst, then for Save the Children Italy as HR Sr. Manager and actually i work for Italian Red Cross, as HR Director, in Strategic Hr Planning, HR Developing, Performance Management and Training, Recruiting, Compensation, Policy&Procedure, Unions and Labour relation, Employer Branding, Internal Communication and others, ensuring that HR programs and processes are aligned with Alliance standards. I also work as a trainer and lecturer in HR matters at different organizations, universities and institutes including: Univeristy La Sapienza, University Luiss Guido Carlo, IlSole24Ore Business School, and other private entities.
  • Martina Mangelsdorf
    GAIA Insights
    Martina is a thought-leading expert on generations in the workplace and the founder of GAIA Insights, a boutique firm pioneering new ways of leadership development. She is an international speaker, published author and the creator of ASPIRE journeys. Their deliberate end-to-end orchestration puts the learner in the center and offers participants a personalized high-touch experience. ASPIRE combines experiential, virtual, social and gamified learning through a fusion of action, reflection, feedback and coaching. The modular approach is engineered into a systematic flow of curated content and designed to guarantee sustainable learning through immediate application on the job. With a background of more than a decade in corporate talent management, prior to founding GAIA Insights Martina held leadership roles at EMDS Group in Belgium, at DuPont de Nemours in Spain, and at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, the US and Latin America. Now working with clients globally, Martina helps organizations engage, develop and retain the next generation of leaders.
  • Enrico Palumbo
    Enrico A. Palumbo is HR Director and Member of the Management Board of SAP Switzerland. Over the last 15+ years, Enrico worked in different HR roles and functions including HR business partner, center of expertise, and shared services in leadership roles, as a project manager, and as a business consultant in different industries and geographies. Since 2014, he has been the global HR business partner for selected lines of business in the board area Products and Innovation at SAP. Enrico Palumbo is an active member of the SAP internal coaching pool.