Rome, Italy


We are pleased to invite you to Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Products European Conference 2018 that will be held in Rome, Italy on 7-8 June 2018.
The conference will bring together specialists from Medical, Pharmacology and Health Care industries.
You will have possibility to discuss about the modern issues of the reparative drug delivery systems, new technologies, using for nanoscience, innovation and perspective of drug detection. The conference will bring together many specialists from all over the world.

Who should attend: Senior research fellows and professors, Scientific researchers, Medical marketing representatives, Inhalation and respiratory drug device engineering technologists, Inhalation product developers, Inhalation engineers, Inhalation therapists, Inhaler technic trainers, Drug delivery specialists, Drug delivery innovation respiratory pharmacologists, Drug delivery representatives, Respiratory regulation representatives, Respiratory therapists, Pulmonary disease mattered dose inhaler developers, Pulmonologists, Asthma and allergy specialists, Lungs and airway disorder specialists, Allergist/Immunologists, Respiratory associates, Advisory board members, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers and Department heads specialists.

Industries: Medical Marketing, Marketing and Business Development, Medical Devices & Injectors, Inhalation Product Development, Respiratory Drug Development, Respiratory medicine Inhalation, Inhalation Development and Engineering, Drug Delivery Innovation Respiratory Pharmacology, Device Engineering New Delivery Technologies, Inhaled Dosage Systems Connective Health, Respiratory Regulations Respiratory R&D, Pulmonary Disease Metered Dose Inhaler Development, Scientific Research, Generics & Respiratory.

Key Points:

 – Overview of respiratory drug market
 – Contraindications and reducing the risk of using inhaler
 – Challenges, requirements and opportunities on the market
 – Contributions of the new technology
 – Overviewing therapeutic fields
 – New drug designs


We are pleased to invite you to Pre-Filled Syringes Conference 2019 that will be held in Rome, Italy. The conference will bring together all specialists in medical devices and pharmaceuticals to share experience about new technology trends, design considerations, technical developments of quality and materials in pre-filled syringes.


– Patient centric design considerations for PFS

– Technical developments to enhance device quality

– Pre-filled syringes next generation materials

– Latest market trends and needs for PFS

– Commercial success of injectable devices

– How to ensure quality and safety of prefilled syringes

– Future technology and regulatory trends


To discuss the attendee opportunities or register for the event please contact:
Sophia Davis
Event Producer
Tel.: +420 226 633 310
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To get assistance with booking a room and arranging your flight tickets please contact:
Maria Ristol
Operation manager
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