Virginie Scuvée

Human Revealator

After a career as Head Hunter, where she has selected, screened and accompanied Leaders, Top Managers and Board Members, Virginie has oriented her career towards Coaching and Training. Founder of Kumquat S. à r.l. and Co-Founder of Human Revealator, General Secretary of ICF Luxembourg, she is offering a comprehensive tailor-made global service, covering coaching, career management, Leadership development, training / workshops. By gaining a better self-awareness and by the development of emotional skills, her approach allows people she supports to find their place and to empower. By acquiring a better awareness of their identity and their operation, her approach enables companies to get a global vision of them: System, values, functioning, tools, and human capital. Her intervention therefore allows companies to put the right people in the right place fostering the full development of their potential, and individuals to find the place that suits them, fostering their full development, commitment and performance.
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