Marie-Marthe Joly

Expression Coaching

Since 2003, Marie-Marthe Joly has been coaching executives to manage their personal brand based on their unique added value, helping them gain visibility and attractiveness for companies into which they would fit. In 2009, she brought her social media knowledge into HR to develop social recruitment strategies, advocating for digital tools such as LinkedIn, followed by Glassdoor, Work4 and IBM Watson, to help companies attract and recruit the right talents. She has also been working on employee experience as an element of employer branding and company competitiveness. She is currently engaged in the organization of #truGeneva, an ”unconference” on social recruitment and HR marketing. Considering companiesʹ constantly evolving needs and issues with talent availability on the one hand, and potential candidatesʹ aspirations on the other, she is currently working on a startup based on technology to provide specific talents to companies on demand, and qualified, engaging opportunities to available talents. She is convinced that smart use of technology can both optimize companiesʹ Human Resources supply and talentsʹ experience throughout their career.
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