Martina Mangelsdorf

GAIA Insights

Martina is a thought-leading expert on generations in the workplace and the founder of GAIA Insights, a boutique firm pioneering new ways of leadership development. She is an international speaker, published author and the creator of ASPIRE journeys. Their deliberate end-to-end orchestration puts the learner in the center and offers participants a personalized high-touch experience. ASPIRE combines experiential, virtual, social and gamified learning through a fusion of action, reflection, feedback and coaching. The modular approach is engineered into a systematic flow of curated content and designed to guarantee sustainable learning through immediate application on the job. With a background of more than a decade in corporate talent management, prior to founding GAIA Insights Martina held leadership roles at EMDS Group in Belgium, at DuPont de Nemours in Spain, and at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, the US and Latin America. Now working with clients globally, Martina helps organizations engage, develop and retain the next generation of leaders.
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