Maria Chatzou

Innovation Forum

Dr. Maria Chatzou holds a PhD in Biomedicine, MSc in Bioinformatics and a BSc in Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics. Maria is a biotech innovator and a proud geek, expert in bioinformatics, medical informatics and high performance computing (HPC). She is also a passionate entrepreneur and founder and President of Innovation Forum Barcelona. As a researcher at the Centre for Genomic Regulation(CRG), in Barcelona, Spain, she has been designing and deploying tools and methods that facilitate the analysis of Big Biomedical Data, allow for biological discoveries, and promote personalized medicine. She is part of the developing team of Nextflow, a programming framework that is revolutionizing the computational analysis of genomic data and setting the foundations for personalized medicine computational analyses. Maria is also a frequent industry speaker and has spoken in many international conferences on the subjects of docker containers, genomics workflows, the computational challenges of personalized medicine, and HPC in genomics, as well as scientific innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship among many other topics.
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